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                Automotive electronics test & research department can carry out all kinds of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) tests for vehicles and parts and provide EMC original design and modification service.


                The EMC laboratory that reaches the international advanced level has a 5m-anechoic chamber, a 10m-anechoic chamber with three-axis and four-wheel-drive chassis dynamometer system, shielding rooms, amplifier rooms, control rooms and other facilities. Eighteen meters long articulated bus can be tested in this laboratory. The maximum charging current is up to 400A.

                1.整車電磁騷擾測試系統/Electromagnetic Disturbance Test System for Vehicle

                可對車輛輻射發射和傳導發射進行準確測試和評價,滿足GB 34660、GB 14023、GB/T 18387、GB/T 18655、GB/T 19951和ECE、CISPR、SAE等國內外標準/法規和主要汽車生產企業的要求。

                Radiated emission and conducted emission from vehicle can be exactly measured. It meets the requirements of standards or regulations such as GB 34660、GB 14023、GB/T 18387、GB/T 18655、GB/T 19951、ECE、CISPR、SAE and that of major auto manufacturing.


                2.整車抗擾度測試系統/ Electromagnetic Immunity Test System for Vehicle 



                Field intensity of the free-field radiated immunity test can be up to 200V/m at 2m test distance.

                3.零部件電磁騷擾測試系統/Electromagnetic Disturbance Test System for Components 

                可開展零部件傳導發射、電場輻射、傳導瞬態發射和磁場發射等測試,滿足CISPR 25和ISO 7637等標準要求。

                The radiated emission and conducted emission from components can be tested . It meets the requirements of standards such as CISPR 25、ISO 7637 and so on.

                4.零部件電磁抗擾度測試系統/Electromagnetic Immunity Test System for Components



                Electrostatic charge immunity test, free-field radiated immunity test, conducted transient immunity test, bulk current injection immunity test, magnetic field immunity test and immunity test by portable transmitters can be done.

                5.用于保護人體的低頻磁場發射測試系統/Low-Frequency Magnetic Field Emission Test System for Human Protecting

                可開展人體所處車輛環境的低頻磁場發射測試,滿足GB/T 37130、JASO TP 13002等標準要求。

                The low-frequency magnetic field emission for human protection from electric vehicles can be tested. It meets the requirements of standards such as GB/T 37130、JASO TP 13002 and so on.

                  6.Bluebox驅動電機測試系統/ EMC Test System for Driving Motor

                可開展電動汽車驅動電機系統加載狀態下的電磁兼容測試,滿足GB/T 36282, CISPR 25、GB/T 18655等標準要求。

                The EMC tests for driving motor system with load can be done. It meets the requirements of standards such as GB/T 36282、CISPR 25、GB/T 18655 and so on.   

                7.電動車充電設備EMC測試系統/ EMC Test System for Electric Vehicle Chargers


                Emission of harmonics, voltage changes, voltage fluctuations and flicker can be tested.  Electrical fast transient/burst disturbances immunity test, surges immunity test, voltage dips, short interruptions and voltage variations immunity tests can be done as well.

                8.近場測試診斷系統/ Near-field Test and Problem Diagnosis System可開展近場測試、騷擾源分析定位和EMC整改服務等。

                Near-field test, location and analysis of the electromagnetic disturbance sources and EMC improvement can be carried out.


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